Saturday, February 06, 2021

Scott Adams: King of the Straw Men

Scott Adams is adept at setting up straw men to take down.

For example--

When people observe that the pandemic (if real in the way it is being presented by politicians and their lackeys) is being used to condition people to be compliant, he misrepresents this by saying they are arguing that there was a meeting between politicians from all over the world where they hatched the plot to create the pandemic and use it to train compliance into the populations. 

He changed the argument being made, regardless of whether the original argument was reasonable or not.

He's arguing against something that exists only in his own mind, because he probably can't argue convincingly against the actual observation which has been made. (Although, I'm not saying there's no one who believes this happened; there probably is.) This is a textbook example of the straw man argument.

He does this with guns, with trans"gender" issues, with copsucking, with the Constitution, and with any topic where he can promote government-supremacism. He simply takes whichever position increases government power. He doesn't do so by honestly addressing the criticisms, but by constructing flimsy straw men he can tear apart-- without acknowledging the actual argument against his side. Is he doing this just to prop up his own fragile belief system? It sure looks that way.

I still listen to him because when he's right, he's right. But when he's wrong it's because he's taking the government-supremacist side, almost without exception.

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