Monday, February 25, 2019

Gear post: Spyglass

This is the antique spyglass I wear on my belt. I bought it in a consignment shop in Grand Junction, Colorado in the mid-1990s. I believe I paid $75 for it.

I don't know the place or date of manufacture, but something I once found online said these were sold by Sears Roebuck around the year 1900.
It's a 3 draw telescope. I'm not sure of the magnification power, but it's better than my modern binoculars.

It is made of brass, leather, and glass.

Extended length, 16.75".
Closed length 6.25".
Large end diameter: 1.5"

It has no identifying markings.

The large tube has a leather wrap, which has worn badly over the years since I've been carrying it. I believe the eyepiece once had a little "door" to close, but it has never had that since I've owned it.

I originally started wanting a spyglass because I wanted to get a better look at girls across the street from the pet store where I worked. I have since discovered it is great for a lot of reasons. Birdwatching, reading signs in the windows of stores from the parking lot, astronomy, and just general "what is that?" uses.

I've gotten a lot of use out of it (even though it embarrasses people I'm with when I whip it out). I even wore it with my buckskin gear.

I occasionally disassemble it and wipe off the lenses. Especially the eyepiece. I lightly oil the leather wrap every couple of years. I have also cleaned the brass draw tubes when they've gotten a little "sticky" and won't slide easily.

I carry it in a leather pouch I made for it, on my left side just behind my belt pouch.


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