Sunday, August 25, 2013

Striving to be free-lance bully free, but enabling the rest

Seen on the animated sign at a local McDonald's: "Clovis... striving to be bully free" .


So, "Clovis" will be rewarding kids who stand up to bullies- even if they use violence in response to the bully's threats and violence?

"Clovis" will be firing every cop and the county commissioners and city council (or whatever they have)?

"Clovis" will stop fawning over the locally-stationed members of the US's aggressive, empire-building, foreign terrorism-committing military?

No?  Then "Clovis" isn't "striving" very hard at all.

In fact, I think bullies are just fine to "Clovis", as long as they aren't freelancing.

And please don't forget.