Saturday, March 12, 2016

Anti-gun bigots strike again

Someone I have met was just kidnapped and released (it was called an "arrest") because well over a month ago, a cowardly, sniveling off-duty cop saw him wearing a gun on his hip, openly and peaceably, in a convenience store. This disgusting cop had issues with this behavior from a mere mundane because he believes "the law" prohibits guns in places that sell alcohol. By my acquaintance's understanding, this "law" only applies where alcohol is consumed on premises. Whatever.

Of course, you and I know such a "law" is always counterfeit, and enforcing it is only carried out by evil induhviduals. Like the bully cop.

At the time of the non-incident, the bully allowed my acquaintance to leave, but apparently tattled to those holding his leash as soon as he could.

So the prosecutor- another sniveling anti-liberty bigot- decided to issue a demand for his kidnapping. Of course, being a statist with delusions of "authority" he called it a warrant for his arrest. Same thing.

Now, you know that a badge doesn't make wrong right, nor does it make right wrong.

If an act is wrong for you or me, it is wrong for a cop. And if an act is OK when done by a cop, it is OK for you or me to do the same. That's the only way it can be, because cops are not superior, with additional rights or privileges.

They are nothing more than lowly hired hands who are subservient to us, and have no rights we don't already possess- because no one can authorize anyone to do things he doesn't have the right to do. If I don't have the right to carry a gun into a convenience store- or into a bar, courthouse, or anywhere else- then neither can a cop; hired on my behalf. That's just reality.

History shows cops will murder you- with the full support of their followers- for acting on this reality, but that just proves how disgustingly evil they are.

There is no victim and there is no crime. My acquaintance did nothing wrong- all the guilt lies with those who dreamed up, wrote, passed, and enforce this counterfeit "law".

I hope my acquaintance insists on a jury trial, and I hope that at least one member of his jury knows he has a duty to nullify this counterfeit "law" by saying "not guilty" and refusing to even consider "lesser" charges or any penalties whatsoever.

That's the right thing to do.