Saturday, February 27, 2021

Politics destroys civility

Do people really have to wonder why politics divides people and makes them angry? I've explained it before, but I still see people who seem confused over the mechanism at work here.

How can they not understand? Or is it a matter of not understanding what they don't want to understand?

If you constantly call for government violence to be used against anyone who doesn't believe the same way you believe-- which is the nature of all politics-- you are dividing people. You are going to be making these other people angry. You are threatening them with deadly force-- threatening to take their life, liberty, and property, so what do you really expect? 

You are showing yourself to be an anti-social simpleton who can't get along with others because of your desire to control them.

It doesn't matter if you imagine you are "right" or "left"-- government-supremacism is government-supremacism. Government can have no "rights" or imaginary political "authority" to do anything. Trying to cheat the system and act as though it does is going to make you the cause of division and anger. Every time.

If you're going to decry the lack of civility; the anger and division, with one breath, and then call for government violence to be used against other people with the next, I can't take your concern seriously... but I may still take your threats seriously.


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