Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Law tantrums from spoiled brat Bloomberg

LawGiver Bloomberg may (or may not) be smart, but if he has a high IQ then he is a high IQ idiot.

His tantrums over his anti-sugary drink edict have made him look even more ridiculous than all his other "law tantrums" combined- and that's saying a lot.  He's nothing but a big, very spoiled, child.  (I like Joel's take on it.)

Bloomie's long history of anti-gun "law tantrums" didn't bring me to this realization.  I don't know why, since it seems so obvious to me now.  In fact I see all the anti-gun advocates clearly now.  They are all spoiled "grown" children- brats- with guns who don't want anyone else to have guns because they are scared.  They'll keep throwing their law tantrums to try to make themselves feel better.  They count on you not seeing them as they really are.

That's all any of these "laws" represent- the tantrums of spoiled brats who think they should run your life.  I think it's past time for some "time outs" or spankings.  But it is certainly NEVER time to act like these spoiled brats have any authority over your life.