Monday, January 02, 2023

From "no one" to "not this specific guy"?

Scott Adams is pushing hard against the critics of his claim that no one wants to reduce Earth's population. It's been his main focus for days now. But his claim has shifted with the criticisms.

Here is an illustration of how his claim has evolved:

He started off by making one claim-- which he has since admitted was unclear-- that there was no "group of elites or leftists or someone important" who wants to reduce Earth's population, and when it was challenged with examples he changed the claim slightly to "no one with power". Then, when that new claim was challenged, again with examples, he changed the claim to "no one elected".

Now, you might say he is simply clarifying what he meant all along. Maybe.

But, when he said no ruler wants to reduce the population and someone mentioned China's old "one child" policy, he claimed this was only designed to reduce the rate of population growth. This seems mathematically dubious. An enforced "one child" policy will reduce the population, not the rate of increase. 

In case you don't get the math, here's a graph to illustrate how this works:

As you see, a strictly enforced "one child" (per family) policy isn't just going to reduce the rate of increase in population. It will, over time, reduce the population. This is probably why it was changed. So instead of brushing it aside with flawed math as he did, he could have pointed out that it isn't a current policy by China's rulers. But he didn't.

When your brain is on government supremacism, or any amount of Statism, it doesn't function as well as it could; government supremacism interferes with clear, rational thinking every time. 

Everyone has blind spots. His appears to be the belief that you need to be governed, by someone, somehow.

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