Sunday, January 12, 2014

The truth is harsh and painful

Reality is harsh and uncompromising.  If you fall through the ice in the wilderness, and can't get a fire going, you will die.  How you feel about the situation, that it's "unfair" or whatnot, won't change reality.

The truth is also often harsh.  You have no right to initiate force or take what isn't yours no matter how much you want to justify it.

People don't like hearing harsh truths.  They want to be told they are OK.  They want to think they aren't the bad guy if they initiate force or take what isn't theirs- especially if they can point to a "law" that says it's OK or if they can send others to do it on their behalf.  Calling it "arrest" or "taxation" or even "confiscation" of "prohibited" substances or items doesn't change that you are committing evil- or supporting those who do.

I have sent a Liberty Lines column to the State Line Tribune for this coming Thursday that I expect will not be received well by people who don't want to hear the harsh truth that they are advocating evil.

It is in response to an article about a local man's arrest on "drug, weapons charges".  I don't know the guy; he may be a thoroughly nasty character, or he may not be.  The point is, from the article it seems to me he isn't being charged with doing anything wrong.

I expect there will be some flak, possibly from local law enforcement.  But the truth is the truth, no matter who it upsets.  The truth doesn't care if you believe it or not.  It simply is.

Stay tuned...