Monday, August 22, 2022

Don't you want to be represented?

I saw someone lecturing another person about why they shouldn't be libertarian. Why it's a loser's strategy. 

They said it's because by being a principled libertarian you'll never be properly represented in government.


I guess they are under hypnosis or something because that makes no sense whatsoever. Imagine twisting your mind enough that you can hallucinate that someone is adequately representing you.

No one can ever really represent a single other person, and to imagine that one person can represent millions of others-- who have mutually exclusive, opposing values-- is totally nuts. 

I don't consent to be governed by anyone else. No one can represent me, no matter how much I give up my principles or compromise with monsters. If anyone uses the political means against anyone else-- even against my enemy-- they can't be representing me. Quite the opposite.

You aren't being represented even if you believe you are. So you might as well stay principled.

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