Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harping on cops

I really hate focusing on cops so much recently. But... cops are THE biggest threat to Rightful Liberty and a voluntary society. Nothing else even comes close. Not a president, not federal judges, not congress. Nothing else.

Cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face.
Cops are how politicians impose their arbitrary opinions on you and me.
Cops are the occupying army of domestic enemies we should have been fighting off before they got too big to beat. Or, at least, too big to beat without becoming a martyr.
Cops are nothing but a criminal gang- criminal in the real sense, not the artificial "legal" sense.

Exposing the reality of what cops are and what they do is important. The veil of legitimacy that too many people allow cops to hide behind must be undercut. Good people need to be shown why supporting cops is wrong. People who traditionally have thrown unwavering support behind cops need to be shown why it is long past time to wise up and stop doing so.

"Cop" isn't a person- it is a set of behaviors, just like "rapist". Don't commit the acts and you aren't the bad guy. If you stop committing rapes, you aren't a rapist. If you stop committing acts of "law enforcement", you are no longer a cop. But, no one can refuse to commit the acts and expect to remain a cop for long. And, stopping doesn't erase the debt your past acts have created- although I'm willing to forgive a lot, if the violator is truly sorry and repudiates his past actions, and doesn't return to his evil ways.

Being honest about cops has cost me. Personally and financially. But I couldn't live with myself if I turned a blind eye to the evil that is "policing".

So, yes, I am likely to keep harping on it.

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