Friday, December 02, 2022

Be aware, not w0ke

Being "woke", or as I prefer to spell it, "w0ke", seems a rather low bar. As long as you aren't actually unconscious, I suppose you are awake-- "w0ke".

I prefer being aware to being merely "w0ke".

Fictional zombies are minimally awake but aren't aware. Not on any mental level beyond instinct. Most of the political w0ke seem about the same-- which is why I sometimes refer to them as xombies.

Most of these xombies would argue that being w0ke means they are aware. They are mistaken. I'm certain they probably feel they are aware. They mistake the feeling of awareness for awareness.

It's not that they are always automatically wrong about everything. It is good to rise above silly things like racism, sexism, nationalism, etc. That is a sign that you may be aware, but if you dive too deep you'll lose awareness and replace it with w0keness, and that's a giant step backward.

Most w0keness will advocate violating liberty in some way; often in multiple major ways. The w0ke might claim they don't trust the state or corporations, but then they are thrilled when the state/corporation imposes their w0ke policies. Often they encourage the state and the quasi-state (corporations) to impose and enforce their w0ke agenda under threat of violence or cancellation. 

This demonstrates a lack of awareness of the consequences they are setting in motion. Which isn't exactly surprising. W0ke people seem the least aware of anyone, or at least equally unaware as the political reactionaries who oppose them with their own anti-liberty political agenda. Politics makes people stupid, after all.

Be aware, not w0ke.

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