Saturday, May 14, 2016

Government is always at war with Liberty

Government is a perpetual War on Rightful Liberty. That's its entire justification and purpose.

Oh sure, its supporters lie and say its there to "protect your rights", or to be the final arbiter in disputes, but those are provably false.

In fact, when government is claimed to "protect your rights", what happens to those rights? If they aren't completely violated and made "crimes", they are at least made subject to permission and license... which in reality is still just violating them.

And what good is a final arbiter when he is one of the parties in the dispute? Less than no good at all, is what. If you have a problem with me stealing from you or molesting your daughter, do you really want the final say on the matter to be mine? Then why allow government to have the final say in matters of "taxation" or "weapons violations" or anything else that wouldn't even be an issue except for counterfeit government rules?

In all cases government is only there to violate your rights and to fight its war on your Rightful Liberty. You don't need that kind of abuse- there are enough freelance bad guys out there to deal with, and having to expend energy on keeping yourself safe from the "help" does nothing but empower all the bad guys.

The thing is, the bad guys of The State vastly outnumber the freelance bad guys they claim to be protecting you from- probably at least hundreds to one.

I have been violated by freelance bad guys so few times in my life I could probably count the times on my fingers.

But every single day I am violated multiple times by employees of The State. Whether it is every time I am forced to pay a "tax", or every time I am not allowed to use my property as I wish, or every time I am prohibited from carrying a gun where and how I want, or when I am forced to pay attention to my speed rather than paying attention to traffic and road conditions, or whatever. Sure, you might say most of those are minor- and they are- but they are still violations of rightful liberty. And one violation is too many.

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