Saturday, February 19, 2022

The crowdfunding test, part 2

Now, for comparison, I've started a GiveSendGo campaign. Exact same wording and everything-- I started to give more details (to say specifically it's to help me buy a gun), but decided that wouldn't be a fair test. I didn't even try to inspire tribe competitiveness by mentioning the GFM campaign and asking them to beat it.

I did raise the amount by a little because I am giving GiveSendGo a percentage (it was voluntary!) and to cover the percentage charged by the donation processor.

Now I'll watch and see.

Again-- this is not a critical need. It is just a frivolous fun thing I'd like. Don't stretch your finances thin by donating. I'd rather get lots of small donations than just a few big ones anyway.


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You do you

I don't have to like anything someone else likes. Me not liking it doesn't-- or shouldn't-- affect your enjoyment in the slightest.

So why do so many people act as though it does?

If I don't like something another person likes I'm not going to try to stop them from having/doing it. This obviously excludes if someone likes to rape or steal-- anything that violates others I have the right to stop them from doing.

But if I don't like your hairstyle or hair color? Or the clothes you wear? Who cares? It's none of my business anyway. Don't ask my opinion if you don't want to hear the truth.


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