Monday, May 23, 2022

"Common sense" is vulgar reasoning

So many people seem to imagine some legislation is "common sense". It "makes sense" to them, and they believe it "makes sense" to most others-- in common-- too. 

Which raises the question, what is "sense" in this context? Well, checking the dictionary, it means "what is reasonable". So, if it "makes sense" to them, they imagine it aligns with what is reasonable. In this case, common sense would mean a majority of people (or maybe, just v*ters) imagines something is what is reasonable.

Does it really seem reasonable to use legislative violence to violate natural rights? Yes, unfortunately, to most people it probably seems like it is reasonable. If they are scared of some rights and wish they'd go away, it makes sense to them to use government to violate those rights. 

It can't make it right, though.

It is never right to violate natural human rights-- not as an individual nor as a corporation/government.

Maintaining the "institution" of slavery was once "common sense". Most people believed it was reasonable to do so. Many couldn't imagine doing without it.

But it was never the right thing to do. Just as it is not the right thing to do to go with "common sense" to justify violating natural human rights today, no matter how many people might agree with it.

"Common sense" just means the common, ignorant, unethical majority believes it is reasonable. It's no coincidence that a synonym for "common" is "vulgar". Imagine being so evil you'd pander to that demographic to maintain power.

So, the next time some political criminal says "common sense", hear "vulgar reasoning". That is what they're talking about.


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