Saturday, August 08, 2020

"Everything is political"

I mentioned my dislike of non-political sites dragging politics into their content.

When I mentioned this to one of the guilty parties, they said "everything is political". If that were the case, we'd be living in a dystopia.

But this assertion makes me believe some people see politics differently than I do. Shocking, I know.

Maybe they see every human action as politics. This is mistaken and shows they don't understand the difference between persuasion/consent and coercion/aggression. You can interact with other people non-politically; that's the only ethical way to do it. If you only deal with others through politics you're not a good person.

Perhaps the others may imagine politics to be a "necessary evil" [sic].

Some people seem to believe that since everything has been made subject to government and its legislation, this means everything is political. No, it just means government is a bullying trespasser. It steps on lives, liberties, and properties where it has no business treading.

I understand the feeling that since politics is being used against you, you must use politics in retaliation. But that's antisocial. It's more social and civilized to simply shoot the person using politics against you-- there's no "collateral damage" that way. Fewer people die or are otherwise harmed in the long run.

People who imagine that everything is political are living a much smaller and nastier life than they could be living. It's a tragedy. Forcing it on everyone else is a crime.

Yes, those who embrace politics have things backward and will insist that their perverted view is the right one. That's because politics makes people stupid.


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