Monday, September 27, 2021

Good? Evil? "Both are fine choices"

Pondering my Twutter suspension, I got to thinking...

If a serial murderer explained in public that committing random murders was the only "skill" he had, would it be wrong to tell someone else, as part of a conversation discussing his claim, that the serial murderer would be doing the world a favor if he killed himself? Especially if he was telling the truth about this being his only "skill"?

Of course not. HIs death would be a great benefit to the world. And it's right to point it out, even if you end up encouraging him to kill himself because he found out what you said. There is really no downside. Some people simply need to be dead.

If your "terms of service" forbid such a thing, your "terms of service" are toxic to society. If you aren't allowed to call out those who are committing evil, then why would they ever change? Evil becomes just another fine choice among equally valid options that no one is allowed to criticize (where they can be heard).


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