Thursday, December 10, 2020

Selling liberty

You can't sell everyone liberty with the same sales pitch. Everyone has their priorities and they differ from person to person.

You never need to lie about it, but you might have to tailor your message differently depending on the person. No way is wrong, but they are different.

If they are a "Who will build the roads?" type, you would approach them differently than if they are a gun-rights supporter. You don't even need to point out-- yet-- that all liberty is really the same. Let them focus on what appeals to them, then slowly let the rest dawn on them over time. That's how it was for me.

The thing is, liberty matters to everyone, even if they deny it in public. You just have to find the approach which resonates with the person you're trying to reach. If one approach doesn't seem to be getting to them, try something else. And there's no need to hound them. Drop your truths and then give them time to germinate. It helps if you're a living example, too.

Because, in case you need to be reminded, too: liberty always works and it is always superior to the alternatives.


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