Tuesday, October 03, 2023

The Market

"The market" means voluntary trade without coercion. 

It is an example of spontaneous order through the action of independent individuals. An emergent property.

Government "laws" make a market impossible-- although you can still create a sort of quasi-market through the Black (or Gray) Market.

I don't usually say "free market" anymore because if it's not free, it's not the market.


How to fix* Congress

The best way to fix Congress is to disband it entirely and replace it with nothing-- which is the best way to fix all political institutions. I'm sure you have great ideas as to how this could be accomplished expeditiously.

However, if someone needs to be weaned off of being governed, I have a gentle suggestion as to how that could be done gradually. A simple two-step process. In fact, I would apply this to every political office in the world, but let's pretend I'm limiting this solution to Congress for the moment.

1- Don't hold elections anymore-- what you've got is what you've got. No cheating by holding a special election to elect young people before this takes effect, either.

2- Don't replace those who die off, get arrested, resign, or retire. Let attrition do its work.
Then each empty seat counts as an automatic "No" v*te on every bill that would increase or maintain government power, or a "Yea" on any bill that would disband, defund, or disempower any government agency or function (we can dream that those ever get proposed). 

That means, next time the budget comes up, every empty seat is counted as a v*te against approving the budget. Every empty seat counts as a v*te against every steaming lump of legislation that any legislator drops in front of Congress.

As soon as empty seats make up at least 50% of the seats, there would be no more point in even gathering the political criminals to go through the motions anymore. Then liberty could flourish.

Yes, shut it down.

    *Fix it like you'd fix a stray that you don't want breeding ever again.

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