Monday, May 07, 2018

Fundraiser time

I need some extra donations or subscriptions right now because of an upcoming medical expense in the household. The after-insurance cost will be $250. 

Enough extra to cover a tank of gas or so would also be really nice. (Even though I bike as much as possible.)

Any purely voluntary help would be greatly appreciated. 



"Welcome to our future"

A friend recently told me something scary and ... sad. Something I am still trying to digest and ponder. Something which haunts me.

He recently participated in mock "job interviews" of some college journalism students. One of the questions he asked them was "What's the purpose of government?".

Unsurprising, considering the years of pro-government indoctrination they've endured to get to this point, the students mostly answered that the purpose of government is to "help people". One of them even said government's purpose was to "control people"; she considered this a good thing. She believes society has become so dangerous government needs to control everyone in order to "protect" us all.

My friend told these students he thought government's job was to ensure life, liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness; they all scoffed.

One even said "we do not need too much freedom because we can't handle it". Well, him maybe...

My friend went on to say:

"I understand that most people feel government is too big to fight, or they're afraid of the consequences sure to come when fighting government ... But these kids seem to feel government really is their friend, that [being told] what to do is in their own best interest.
Welcome to our future."

The choice really does come down to educate them out of their delusion, or... well, you know what Anonymous Commenter will say.

Yeah, Scary!

I will have a response to this sort of thinking in my newspaper column to be posted Wednesday morning. Stay tuned.

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