Tuesday, October 11, 2022

You don't license rights

I saw that the criminal regime in Florida is "legally" kidnapping people for repairing hurricane-damaged roofs without being "licensed" by the state. That's criminal behavior and should be treated as such-- not the carpentering, the kidnapping.

It has always aggravated me when some out-of-control government thugs decide they have the "right" to force you to license your rights before you're "allowed" to exercise them. 

It goes against the very concept of rights. Only a true villain would do this to anyone.

No one has the right to require a license before you are allowed to speak your mind. Nor before you go to church. Nor before you drive a car, earn money, or carry a weapon. No one has the right to demand you get a license first before you exercise any of your rights because there can be no such "right" to do so. There is no such thing as the "authority" to require a license for a right, either.

People accept some of these licenses without much fuss when they would freak out over other licensing scams that are no worse. It is no more ridiculous to demand a license to go to church than to drive-- both should be completely unacceptable to reasonable people. Yet, people buy into the government lie that "driving is a privilege" when they'd never accept the same lie if it were told about going to church. Why is this? Looks identical to me.

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