Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Courts: the circus of cowardly clowns

My opinion of government-- and the unethical cowards who work for it-- has just slipped down another couple of notches. I didn't know that was still possible.

Employees of this gang were too scummy to read my letter at the sentencing of the guy who caused the accident which killed my daughter Cheyenne a year and a half ago-- probably because it wasn't very accommodating toward the evil which is government nor toward those who debase themselves by working for it.

And, yes, every person who works for government debases himself by doing so-- anyone would be a better person not working for government than they are while holding a government "job".

But, back to the Tools of the State: Don't offer me a chance to speak if you don't have the backbone to actually follow through, you nasty cowardly parasites.

I admit I wasn't too surprised. I know the nature of the scam. Still, it angers me.

I'm also disappointed at how many people on "my side" still think it's reasonable to put people in cages. If I believe someone is such a danger that I feel they belong in a cage, I'd much rather see them killed in self defense the next time they try to initiate force. Self defense comes closer to justice. And until then, if you are worried about them, watch them so closely they can't lose a skin cell without it being noticed, and share every move they make with anyone who wants to know. If they don't like that they can voluntarily separate themselves from society at their own expense. It's something they should have thought of before they made their bad choice.

If you want to cage someone, do it at your own expense and don't pretend it's on my behalf. Imprisonment doesn't "work" for its claimed justifications, in fact, it probably only makes things worse. It certainly doesn't "fix" anything.

I hate that I felt I needed to keep up with that was going on in some government theater the past few days.

After this, I feel drained, disappointed, angry, and sad. I know-- my fault. I shouldn't let it get to me. I'm flawed.

Just for your information, if you are curious, the court gave him a plea deal for 72 months in a cage-- he's up for parole in a year. The cops bungled some of the drug testing, apparently by doing it illegally, so it was inadmissible in court. He plead guilty to "negligent homicide" (for which justice would require an attempt at restitution, not a cage) and "felon in possession of a firearm" (a counterfeit "law"). But of course, anyone who expects justice from government courts will be disappointed. Fortunately, I knew justice wasn't even on the table. Never is. Punishment is the substitute they prefer, because it empowers the State. That's ALL those monsters care about, really.

Irony illustrated
Added: Here's what I was able to find (from here)--

So, did they screw me over, or not? Is it worth the stress of having to deal with "people" I despise and have zero respect for? I don't know.

Added later: Here's the court record: link

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