Saturday, November 28, 2015

When I grow up, I want to be heroic

I want to be heroic. I know that's dangerously self-important.

But, the opportunities are rare, because villains are actually pretty rare. Only a couple of times in my life have I been at the scene of a crime- and the one that sticks in my mind the most does so because I hesitated and failed to help. I will never forgive myself.

In fact, almost all crimes I witness are committed by bullies calling themselves "government". I see roadside robberies committed by cops doing "traffic stops". I see people having "taxation" committed against them and their property. I see people having their property devalued through "code enforcement".

Being heroic and striking against those bullies is- in the current society- suicidal. I want to be heroic, not a martyr.

A real superhero would be spending the majority of his or her energy fighting against State bullies, because they outnumber the freelance bad guys hundreds (or more) to one, and do so much more damage. I am not a superhero.

Blogging and writing are not heroic. The desire to be heroic can lead people to do the wrong thing for the "right" reasons... if their principles are not really strong. I never want to fall in that trap. But I still want to be heroic.