Monday, October 03, 2016

Willful blindness?

The nicest government employees are blind to what they are doing.

They are like crew on a cruise ship. They see the beauty surrounding them, and see the things they produce and believe those things are good. They see the satisfied passengers and believe that is a clear sign that they are doing the right thing. They feel pride in what they do.

They don't recognize that their ship floats on an ocean of crushed bodies, is fueled with human lives, and uses people as the raw material for everything it produces. Bodies and the property of the innocent and guilty alike; stolen and fed screaming into the furnaces and the grinders to provide fuel and raw materials for everything they do. They don't see it. Maybe they choose to not see it, because it would make them uncomfortable.

The worst offenders are those who do see the dirty side and refuse to admit what it is. Or those who empower the destruction. Those are the politicians, bureaucrats, cops, judges and others whose job involves manning the death stations in one way or another.

Those who are a step removed could be excused for failing to see the death and misery beneath all they accomplish, but those involved in stealing lives to feed to the ship have no excuse, and should face serious consequences.

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