Thursday, July 30, 2015

Self trust

I have seen many pathetic excuses for anti-gun "laws" and attitudes, but one of the most pitiful is the "I don't trust myself" excuse.

I've known people who said they "shouldn't be allowed" to drive or carry a gun, because they get too angry and would hurt someone.

Seems like in this case, it isn't the car or gun that is the problem- it is the anger issues and the lack of self control to avoid aggressively acting out on that anger. It's also pretty clear to me that if a person can't be trusted, the tool they possess doesn't matter. If a person can't be trusted with a gun, they can't be trusted with a car, or a hammer, or a job, or around kids, or... well, they can't be trusted- period.

However, what I have usually found is that when one of those "untrustworthy" people actually starts carrying a gun, the self control takes root and starts to grow. Expect nothing, and that's what you'll usually get. Expect responsibility, and it has a chance to develop. The hothead either learns to control it, or they end up in "legal trouble" or dead. With dead being the preferable outcome in that case.

I'm sure not everyone would develop self control and responsibility, though. Maybe even in those hopeless cases it would be good for those people to arm themselves and let the problem solve itself. Darwinization works- it's just that, unfortunately, the irresponsible among us do sometimes take some decent people with them. Which is why I learned to avoid certain people.