Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thoughts on impaired driving

Drunk driving, drugged driving, sleepy driving, distracted driving, or some other form of impaired driving. We are all guilty of at least one of those. Don't bother trying to deny it, you know it's true.

I remember a time I was at work and suddenly started feeling a little "off". Before I knew it I knew I had come down with the flu. I left work, but hadn't gotten far before I was soaked in sweat, had chills, had a pounding headache, and could hardly make sense of what I was seeing.

I was every bit as impaired as someone who had been drinking. I should not have been driving- I did make it home.

That's not the time to "arrest" a person- it is the time to help them. Just how to help will depend on the situation.

Is there a solution to impaired driving? Yeah, self-driving cars would fix that- but I am not willing to accept the technology if it gives State parasites and predators the ability to more easily take control of my car. I'm sure there are other solutions, too, even if I haven't thought of them.

I will never accept any "solution" which violates individual sovereignty or allows meddling by State employees. No matter how "necessary" it might be claimed to be. That includes "check points", cops prowling around looking for whom they might devour, or anything else anti-liberty bigots advocate.