Sunday, April 10, 2022

Shame Ukraine, Russia suffering

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for March 9, 2022)

It's crazy how many people still imagine political government is credible or legitimate. How many take it at its word, even while watching events around the world today.

Even the national media corporations who report on political news often simply parrot government's story instead of doing their job by questioning everything it says-- except when they have a vendetta against a specific politician or party.

Social media and the entertainment industry may even be worse.

The last nail in the coffin of government legitimacy happened for me almost three decades ago during a mass murder committed by government employees near Waco, Texas. The event has acted as a vaccine against any belief in political "authority", or unquestioning acceptance of anything anyone "official" might say, since then. This skepticism has served me well.

That original vaccination might not have lasted this long, except for government actions which have served as boosters, delivered regularly over the years. One of those boosters, September 11, 2001, caused an adverse reaction in me. It nearly took me down. I recovered, though, with it ultimately strengthening my immune response against all authoritarianism.

Maybe this is why I don't quite believe the story the official sources are promoting on the Ukraine invasion.

I do consider Putin to be the worst among a terrible group right now. He's the last person who had the chance to do the right thing but chose to do the wrong thing instead. I know, however, he didn't start committing his latest evil act on a whim. He was led-- or possibly shoved-- down a bad path by decades of unethical acts by other governments. You don't get excused for committing evil even if you were provoked, though.

Similarly, you don't improve your security by tolerating "your" government meddling around the world. You see how that's working out now.

It's never right to invade another country and destroy private property and people there. No matter who you believe might be hiding there, nor what the region's government did to you. Invading-- and occupying, assuming you "win"-- is how you lose the moral high ground the fastest. I'm always going to root for the defenders and will never sympathize with invaders.

I feel bad that the Ukrainian people and the Russian people are suffering due to the acts of political criminals. I just hope they realize who their real enemies are and deal with them appropriately.


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