Monday, December 05, 2022

Leave that loser stuff in the past

Back when I was a teenager I could clearly "see" the future when humans lived on Mars. And obviously, I "saw" that Earth governments would assert their absurdly toothless rulership over the Martians. 

It was equally evident to me that the colonies would eventually have to revolt.

I even "saw" the Confederation of Martian Colonies that came after the successful revolution.

Of course, I'd rather they grew out of the childish need to govern each other at all. Not that a confederation would necessarily be a political government of any sort. It could just be a mutual assistance agreement.

When humans finally emigrate from Earth they'll be getting a unique chance to do things right this time. With their origins in the cesspool of politics back on Earth, I'm not too hopeful of the possibilities for most of them, but eventually, someone will do the right thing. Even if it's only one colony out of billions-- at first. It's inevitable, and I hope no one screws it up so a liberated future can begin as soon as possible.

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