Tuesday, July 30, 2019


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"Eric Garner had it coming"

I've been mulling a recent interaction with a copsucker ever since it happened, and I'm still bewildered by his delusion.

The guy was talking about the proper way to do a chokehold, which made me think of-- and bring up-- Eric Garner.

According to this guy, Eric didn't die from being choked. He died from a heart attack he started having before he was choked.

I have to wonder (if it's even true he technically died of a heart attack) whether he would have had a heart attack if the Blue Line Gangster hadn't been in the process of accosting him. Any encounter with an aggressive, armed gangster is going to be stressful. It can trigger a heart attack-- this much should be obvious to anyone. I mean, I don't know of anyone who would deny that a violent home invasion or mugging could trigger a heart attack in the victim. Why would an attack by the Blue Line Gang be an exception?

The copsucker objected to me referring to the cops as a gang because no "gang" of cops showed up until after Eric began resisting-- before that it was just one cop doing his "job", even if I don't agree with the law he was violenting imposing. And of course, the cop "had to" call backup, because Eric was trying to prevent his own kidnapping... I mean "resisting arrest".

The copsucker claimed it was all Eric's fault because he was a known "criminal" (even though the guy admitted the law he supposedly continually broke was trivial-- selling individual cigarettes without giving the government a piece of the action).

According to this guy, none of it could be the cop's fault anyway because once a cop says you're under arrest he has no choice but to complete the arrest. Even if it kills you. That's how they are trained, so you just go along and sue later if you believe they were wrong. If you survive, that is.

I was reminded of this apologist when I heard Scott Adams say he would have been fine with it if the NYC Blue Line gangsters who had water dumped on them had shot some of the bucket bearers.

Support for cops is like a mental illness. Maybe it is one.

They-- the cops and copsuckers-- are painting themselves into a corner they aren't going to enjoy.

Writing is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.