Friday, July 28, 2023

"Wait 'til Mom and Dad hear about this!"

I know Twitter wasn't watching everything I posted, waiting for an excuse to ban me. That means some Twitter user had to report me to Twitter so they'd notice and ban me. What kind of person does that?

Can you imagine being so weak and useless that you'd run to tattle on someone for something you read online?

I'll bet you can't. Neither can I.

I have never reported anyone for something they wrote. Not once. I've never been tempted to-- not even as a joke over some politician's online threats to use government violence against innocent people. I can't even imagine being that pathetic.

But there must be a lot of those useless people out there.

Moving on.

I have joined Gab and Truth Social. No promises on how active I will be, or if they'll fall by the wayside like so many other social media groups I'm an inactive member of.

That will depend on how easy they are to use, how much engagement I get and give, and whether they can grab my interest.

Could I get some love for my surgery fund
Or PayPal?
Thank you!