Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Here's an idea...

If anyone filed "taxes", is getting a "refund", and would like to rub it in the IRS's face, buy guns and ammo.

Or make a donation to me.

Either way. 😉


Don't play cops and robbers

The Nazis and Soviets were enemies. Which side were the good guys?

Both were evil. Yes, evil.

Cops and robbers are enemies. Which side are the good guys?

Both are evil. Yes, evil.

And that's ignoring the fact that the majority of what cops do involves robbing people in one way or another. And it's also ignoring the fact that many cops actually go freelance and steal beyond what their disgusting "job" allows them to steal.

The same goes for cops against any other evildoer. Cops and murderers. Cops and rapists. Cops and kidnappers. Cops and anyone else who initiates force and/or violates property rights.

You can always have two bad guys who hate each other, and try to tell you to choose between them; that if you don't choose one side, you automatically support the other. It's a lie. Don't fall for the trick of believing you must consider one or the other to be the good guys; better than the other.

There is always a third, non-evil, option when you have bad guys pitted against bad guys. You are not being being reasonable to choose between cops and other bad guys, throwing your support behind one side or the other. It's a false choice. That path leads nowhere good.


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