Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Is it you or your liberty they hate?

If someone hates (or fears) your liberty, I can't help but think that actually hate (or fear) you.

Every day I see people advocating for taking away someone's liberty-- maybe even everyone's liberty (somehow they'll exempt themselves). They strike a savior's pose, but that's not what they are. When you confront them about it, they'll try to change the subject. I can't blame them.

No one wants to believe they are the bad guy-- I've heard people trying to justify the most horrible things and play the hero while doing so. Just listen to cops for a minute if you don't believe me.

These liberty haters may lie and say it's about safety or protecting someone's feelings. But it's about enslaving others. No one is better off if anyone's liberty is violated. Not even those who are scared of you and are afraid you'll exercise your liberty in ways they don't approve of.

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