Saturday, October 24, 2015

Answering a possible Borderist

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And I say "possible" because I am not quite certain I understood his point.

Sometimes I get an email I must answer at length. This is one such, inspired by my latest CNJ column:

Human have been migrants for 6,000 to millions of years, i.e. for as long as there have been humans. There are still migrants, willing to move to better their lives. As a retired couple, travelling around in our 5th wheel, the majority of people we meet are migrant Workers. There are the non-migrants that expect the Government provide them with all that they need to live. People take out huge mortgages and then lie to themselves that they own their own home. If their job disappears, the Government is responsible for them to keep their home. If not, they walk and it is evil banks that are responsible for their loss of home. People even Believe that the Government will save the world from “Climate Change,” creating a “Garden of Eden,” where they and their progeny can stay forever and ever. There are migrants that are willing to migrate to where there are jobs, opportunities; the right climate. Not sure why you want to denigrate migrants and bait and switch them with people who are in the US illegally. Wouldn’t that be the “hate” you are religiously judging people of a certain political persuasion to possess?
Waving the Federal flag in their face? You have political parties confused. Republicans want States’ Rights and the Democrat Party wants a strong, centralized “Federal” Government in Washington, DC controlling “We The People.” BTW: the Supreme Entity of the Federal Government has turned our secular government into a Religion/Church. The SCOTUS morally judges “We The People” and commands us how our laws should read.
Calling people who are in the US illegally makes them illegals, rapists and murderers is wrong in your mind? How is that different than saying people who are in the US legally are citizens, Democrats and Republicans? This is not an all or nothing reality. What is rape? 99% of the time it has nothing to do with “sex.” What is murder? People murder Shakespeare all of the time.
In reality, most emigrants, whether legal or illegal, are attempting to be independent and self-reliant. It is the people that Believe that the Federal Church of the United States Government is responsible for the welfare of its flock that is “denying” independence and self-reliance.
Trump, for example, has specifically explained what behaviors he would defend against and then you bait and switch to make it all inclusive. All illegals are migrants or emigrants. Not all migrants and emigrants are illegals. One can’t arbitrarily bounce between these three distinct definitions for the benefit of profit or political gain. But it is obviously done every day. You claim you aren’t taking sides? It is obvious that you have in this case. Don’t you find it ironic that while the Democrat Party claims to “hate” Christians, the majority of issues on their platform comes directly from the Judeo/Christian Bible? Don’t you find it equally ironic that the Republican Party preaches “Family values,” the majority of issues on their platform is derived from the Theory of Evolution: Survival of the Fittest; Adapt; and their favorite Natural Selection?

So, I answered. You'll get a sneak peak at a blog entry I am in the process of writing, because it fit in with what I needed to say to him.:

Thanks for taking the time to write. I'm not quite sure where you were going, but if you think for a moment I believe in "government" or want it to do anything, to anyone or "for" anyone, you are mistaken.
There can be no such thing as an "illegal" person. I am not a believer in documents binding people who didn't physically agree to them, but most people who speak of "illegals" are, and yet the Constitution doesn't allow "immigration control"- it does allow control over the number of slaves imported, but that is different. Until the late 1800s no one believed the government could tell people where they were allowed to live. Since then many different groups have been targeted for "immigrant" paranoia: Catholics, Irish, Eastern Europeans, etc. It just so happens that the scary "immigrant" of the moment is Hispanics.
One reason those words- migrant, emigrant, immigrant- have different meanings is because people use language to trick people into believing what they want them to believe. And, no person can be an "illegal".
A migrant is someone who moves to a new place.
An immigrant is someone who moves into a new place claimed by a different gang of thugs than the place he left.
An emigrant is someone who moves away from where he lived before. I don't denigrate migrants, because there is nothing wrong with being an "immigrant".
An "illegal" is someone who moved to a new place in spite of unconstitutional "laws"- and the Supreme Court even declared in the early 1800s that any "law" contrary to the Constitution isn't a real law and no one is obligated to obey it. No one. "Immigration control" is a perfect example of that.
Borderists make a lot of assumptions about me based on my unyielding respect for Rightful Liberty. And, if you don't know what Rightful Liberty is, here is Thomas Jefferson's explanation: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." Jefferson knew what a counterfeit "law" was.
Here is some clarification about what I actually believe from an upcoming blog I have written:
I believe in private property, and I think shooting someone for trespassing is sometimes the right thing to do. I would never want to second guess a person who shoots a trespasser- especially an adult trespasser. Or a trespasser who is littering and damaging the property, or threatening the owners.
I would not sit still for people moving into my house and declaring they will live there. But I don't own your house and I know I have no say in who you invite into yours. To pretend otherwise is a form of theft.
I do not want to see "others" move into the area until they outnumber me and begin to push me around. In the same way, I don't like that I am outnumbered and surrounded by people who follow religions I find abhorrent even now. Religions very popular with mainstream America. Including the world's most popular religion: statism.
I do believe some religions are worse than others, and some cultures are sick and twisted.
I do not believe "The Country" negates private property of those living inside the government's imaginary borders, but that this belief directly violates private property rights in the most evil way imaginable- by utterly ignoring or denying them. Just like those the borderists want "government" to protect them from.
I do not believe violating your property rights to make myself more comfortable is right. I don't believe using the force of government to dictate who you can allow onto your property, or rent to or hire, is the answer. It is wrong.
I do not advocate stealing from you ("taxation") to finance a gang to patrol the "borders" and to molest people both along the "borders" and well away from those "borders". Theft is theft, and everything such a gang does- except in rare instances- is an initiation of force.
Borderism is socialism. Sometimes it is even communism. It is always collectivism, theft, and aggression- which is what statism is.
Those who are setting up an armed guard to repel trespassers are acting as though they believe in their own property rights, but by advocating "borders" and "immigration control" they are acting as though they don't believe in private property at all, but only collective property administered by a State. Which makes me see them as being contradictory and deluded. I would gladly help protect my neighbor's property from invaders, using force or arms, unless he advocated taking my property from me under the guise of "government".
If that's what you advocate, own it. Stop complaining when I or others point it out. If your position is right, why be ashamed and why get angry?
I don't believe in government at all, particularly not that it can create a Garden of Eden. I believe all welfare, including Social Security, farm subsidies, corporate bailouts, government pensions, medicaid/medicare should be ended immediately.
There is no real difference between Democrats and Republicans. It doesn't matter if you value "state's rights" over individual rights, or "federal rights" over individual rights. Because "states" and "the federal government" can have no rights. Rights are purely individual, not collective. No collective can have rights- they can have power, but that power is never legitimate- and there is no such thing as "authority" (belief in "authority" is the most dangerous superstition). And most of the people I see worshiping the federal flag most reverently call themselves Republicans, even as they claim to want "state's rights". It's odd. I find Democrats and Republicans equally statist and equally disgusting and dishonest. They only vary in how they propose to violate Rightful Liberty and sacrifice the individual to the collective. If a person who calls himself by one of those labels actually respects Rightful Liberty, then he is showing, by his beliefs and the actions which will result from those beliefs, that he isn't a Good Democrat/Republican, but is instead a good person. You really can't be both.
If an individual commits aggression or property violation, then that individual is guilty. Be it rape, murder, or whatever. Calling people you associate with him a rapist/whatever is wrong if that individual didn't commit that specific act. And, again, breaking counterfeit :laws" isn't wrong, so calling a person who ignored "immigration laws" and "illegal" is dishonest. Are you an "illegal" if you ignore some unconstitutional anti-gun "law"? Not at all. But that's the argument of those who call people "illegals" for ignoring unconstitutional "immigration laws". It simply won't fly.



Abraham Lincoln may just be the perfect politician. He is all things to all statists.

Racists can love him because he was a racist. Abolitionists can love him because the most visible form of slavery ended about the time he died, and he is credited with ending it.

"Conservatives" can love him because he was a Republican. Liberals can love him because he acted in a "progressive" way by bringing an end to the status quo (by ending the "union" and replacing it with "The Union". He "saved" America by replacing it with The United Stated. This is like saying your life has been saved by turning you into a zombie).

Yep. Good ol' Abe Lincoln; the statists' patron saint. How disgusting he was.