Saturday, August 20, 2022

Religion in schools

I see on the "news" that some recent Texas legislation allows government schools in the state to put up signs saying "In God we trust" if a private group donates the sign to the school district.

Even though I'm not a believer, this bothers me much less than the active promotion of the religion of Statism that occurs in those institutions-- paid for with money stolen from the population rather than voluntarily donated for the purpose.

Government schools have always promoted religion. Sometimes more than one. 

When my daughter was in the local school they pushed Statism and Christianity equally hard. Never mind that these two religions are adversarial (even though some will fight hard to claim that this isn't true). The teachers pushed Christianity and encouraged the students to pressure any kid who was hesitant-- to the point of bullying. 

So, really, this legislation is more of the same rather than anything particularly new.

Abolish government schools and let everyone teach whatever is important to them. Paid for voluntarily. Attended without compulsion. 

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