Saturday, August 12, 2023

Good people don't violate others

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 9, 2023)

Sometimes the ignorance and childishness of those living among us shocks me. It probably shouldn't after this many years of life, but it still can.

I don't believe the phrase "hate crime" has any real meaning. It means whatever those who use it want it to mean; to serve a purpose they want served. It's a government fiction used to justify extra punishments-- in other words, additional revenge. Some things called "hate crimes" aren't even actual crimes at all. An act has to be a violation of life, liberty, or property to qualify as a real crime, government opinions notwithstanding.

When a crime is committed I only care that someone has been violated, not why the bad guys chose to do what they did. Anyone who violates another person is a real-life villain, regardless of how they'd like to see themselves.

Plus, I seriously doubt any crimes are committed out of love, or even ambivalence. Even if they were, they would be just as evil as acts motivated by hatred. The reasons don't matter, only the actions do. Nor should the motivation affect the consequences. Full restitution is owed when someone has been violated; nothing less and nothing more.

Those who vandalized the Portales Islamic Center trespassed and damaged property. That's enough for me to stand against them and stand up for their victims. Decent people simply don't violate property rights. No one has the right to do so for any reason.

Maybe they vandalized the property for religious reasons. Maybe they didn't and only wanted it to look like this was their reason. Either way, they owe restitution.

If they were decent people who had an ethical lapse in spite of being raised right and being given a good moral foundation, they would come forward, apologize, and set up a payment plan. If they don't, then they are on the wrong side.

It doesn't matter which religion you follow, good people don't violate others. If this is something your religion excuses or encourages, it's not worth following. You can do better.

If this is something your religion would disavow, you are smearing your faith and your fellow believers by your actions when you behave this way. Should you be doing such things? Of course not!

I'll be watching to see if the vandals grow some worthwhile "ethics" and come forward to do the right thing. But I won't be holding my breath.
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Vipers among us

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What's so bad about government supremacists and other statists?


Government supremacists constantly say "our" (democracy, elections, borders, president, government, laws. etc.) when talking about things I am not responsible for and want no share of the blame in. They are collectivists in the worst way possible.

Government supremacists worry endlessly about what is "legal". They confuse "legal" for what's right.

Government supremacists pretend that government has rights and political "authority". This means they don't understand rights or authority-- not even a little.

Government supremacists won't recognize that politicians are always the ones throwing the first punch by being a politician; by governing and imposing legislation. Anything a resident does to a politician is self-defensive. John Wilkes Booth was right. If politicians don't like this they always have the option to stop being the bad guy and quit politics. But then who would government supremacists have to worship?

No matter how seriously they take themselves and the spoiled toddlers' game they play, government supremacists are buffoons. Just know they'll act as it is their nature to act, don't trust them to respect your rights, and keep them at arm's length so you don't get bitten by their venomous cult.
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