Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Selling historical artifacts of The State -UPDATED-

If you like old statist control and tracking devices- or know someone who does- I am selling some Texas license plates from the 1960s on eBay. Most are "Farm Truck" plates. The ones I just now listed are all shown below, but there will be more in the coming days (or weeks).

Update: I just added some "Texas farm trailer" plates. Still more to come.

Look for me on eBay: dullhawk1840

Time's Up patches!

Don't forget: I now have "Time's Up" patches available!

They measure 3" X 2", and are "sew on" patches.

They are $5 each, with $1 shipping and handling. I will give substantial breaks on shipping and handling for multiples.

Paypal accepted (use my regular "dullhawk" address shown elsewhere on this blog), or contact me (at that same email) to work out other arrangements.



8 years ago...

It all started with this: Hello


Zombie entertainment

Voting is like playing a video game.

Lots of flash and noise, and immediate results that accomplish nothing beyond entertainment.

People feel they are doing something while voting and talking about voting.

They complain about those who refuse to play- or those who play but don't take it seriously.

But politics and voting will never accomplish anything worthwhile.