Thursday, April 21, 2022

Old Joe and anti-gun "laws"

Did Old Joe illegally possess a "ghost gun" during a recent political circus?


There is no such thing as a legitimate "law" against gun possession, not "even" in Washington D.C. and not even if the criminal in question is Joe Biden. All anti-gun legislation and rules are BS. Government doesn't have the authority to forbid it. Don't fall for the trap.


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I nearly deplatformed myself

My blog has never been in the top (few) thousand, but after last week's link trouble my visitor numbers have crashed. It's a bit discouraging.

If I had known and had time to prepare and warn my regular readers, it probably wouldn't have been as bad. But, even then, only those who visit every day would have been expecting it, and I'm not sure how many that is. I know many (if not most) of my readers seem to visit a few times per week at most.

As long as I keep on blogging, I expect the numbers to rise from where they are now. And, since I largely write to help myself think things through, the blog serves a purpose whether it gets read by large numbers or not.

It is still appreciated when you share links to these posts with others on social media or in emails. Might as well not be content to sit in the dark talking to myself.


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