Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Election thoughts

I don't v*te. I don't believe there's any such thing as a "legitimate election". Majority opinion-- even when supposedly constrained by a constitution-- gives no one any "right" to govern others in any way.

I don't want Republicans (or Libertarians) to have political power, but... 

I never ever from now until the end of time want any Democrat to have even the slightest amount of political power ever again. Not until and unless they reject and repudiate w0keness in all its forms completely and without reservation. The past few years have convinced me of that.

Political power is never ethical. But, to use political power to try to impose a denial of reality on a population, and to punish those who refuse to say there are "five lights"... may even be more evil than anti-gun bigotry (which Republican political criminals also suffer from).

I don't want Republicans to win, but I want Democrats to lose HARD

No crushing loss would be decisive enough to satisfy me, so I already know I will be disappointed. I also know that caring at all is something I should purge from myself. Politicians and their "laws" shouldn't even matter to me. I'm already OK with living as an outlaw, so why would it matter?

Of course, v*tes don't count; only counting v*tes counts. The fix is probably already in; Democrat spokescritters are already signaling that election results will take a longer time than v*ters expect, which seems almost as good as an admission that results won't be "official" until they are what those in power want. 

Will liberty get chipped away at slowly for a few more years, or will it be crushed quickly under the thumb of toxic w0keness? 

Or is all this just a reflection of how I'm feeling about everything recently?


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Musk wields the ban-hammer now

I've had my criticisms of Elon Musk in the past. He's smart enough that he ought to "get" liberty, but it may be in his financial interests not to.

However, I have to admit I'm enjoying the way he is antagonizing the Left-statists on Twitter.

I disagree with him permanently banning anyone, ever. No matter how twisted and evil they may be. That's always my position, regardless of anything else. But, if he would use a temporary ban just to make them flip out, then reinstate them after a few hours of tantruming (I know, not a word), it would just be funny.

It's like everything he does is done to poke them just enough to make them act really stupid in response. Planned or not, it's amusing.

It's even more hilarious seeing them contradicting themselves when it's their own side facing the axe instead of their opposition-- only months ago so many were cheering the "other side" getting treated the same way-- or even worse. Especially since I think Musk is joking and the previous Twits were clearly not.

Again, I don't want anyone banned ever for any reason. Free speech is non-negotiable and I want evil people to feel free to express their evil so the rest of us know who they are and what they are thinking. It's just a personal flaw of mine that makes me enjoy seeing them melt down over being treated the way they've been treating others for years.


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