Saturday, March 21, 2020

Interesting times

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It's been... interesting.

I'm not particularly concerned about the virus, but the way some people are behaving because of the situation worries me a little.

Of course, politicians are always a problem-- and I include freelance thugs and thieves in that category.

I've been doing more than usual to help my parents and make sure they don't have to go to stores. I've been trying to watch to see if anyone else needs anything-- but that's harder because I don't really have a social circle here.

My household income has dropped, as has my parents' income. Fortunately, I really haven't had to spend much, other than on the bills that come every month no matter what I'm doing. I don't really know my parents' financial situation because that's their business, not mine. Other than constantly ransoming their house from the state, I think their expenses aren't too bad. I keep checking with them to see what they need, but I'm trying to avoid going over there unnecessarily. No point in possibly exposing them to anything.

Outside my little sphere, I've seen and heard other interesting things, especially from YouTubers I informally follow. It's a crazy world out there. Makes me glad I have "defensive resources".

I'm probably in the minority since I am glad to see people defying (or ignoring) government orders. A slightly higher risk of more sick people is a small price to pay for pushing aside government's veil of legitimacy even a little. That people are willing to do so warms my heart.


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