Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jealous of cops?

Some of my detractors are right: I'm jealous of cops. Yes, I am. I admit it.

I'm jealous of the wide-spread, unearned respect they get.
I'm jealous they get to ignore all anti-gun "laws", without being murdered (by cops) for doing so.
I'm jealous they make as much money as they do, and wish I could, too. Although I'd rather get money honestly.
I'm jealous because I can lose friends over words I have written, while cops don't seem to lose friends when they actually murder and rape. In fact, they seem to gain even more supporters in the face of accusations.

However, if you believe my dislike of cops is because of this jealousy, you would be wrong.

There are people I am jealous of, but whom I still like.
There are also people I don't like, but whom I am not jealous of in any way.
So, being jealous of someone and liking or not liking them are completely unrelated.

I have no desire to use violence against people who aren't archating, but there is still something thrilling about the thought that you could murder just about anyone and get away with it just because of your "job".

I wish that didn't seem exciting, but I do have personality flaws.

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