Friday, May 27, 2022

Politicians and their drooling groupies have, through constant repetition, programmed most people to fear liberty. This isn't good for civilization. It's easy and popular to say anti- liberty things, but it's wrong to impose them.

Is living in a backwater good or bad?

I live in an insignificant town in the middle of nowhere. 

Sure, this is the county seat, even though it is on the very edge of the county (on the state line) and there's a much bigger town in the center of the county that many feel would make more sense as the county seat. This town's county seat designation is a relic left over from soon after the turn of the last century; one I think it should happily give up. 

Regardless, I doubt invading troops-- whether foreign or US-- will ever march down our local streets unless they've already completely defeated the places that matter to them.

So, no matter how well armed I and my neighbors are, would it really make a difference? Would it be too late to turn the tide by the time any invaders (other than the embedded local government employees) got here? I suspect so.

I'll stay ready, willing, and able anyway.


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