Monday, February 06, 2023

"Listen, Little Ogg, the Stone Age is ending next week..."

If the world had advanced from the Stone Age to what we live in today in five years, what advice could you give a Stone Age youth, if you were his parent, to prepare him to live in 2023? 

I’m not talking about a situation similar to someone living isolated deep in the Amazon today who could possibly know of the modern world out there somewhere, but a parent living in the actual Stone Age, trying to prepare their kids for a world that doesn’t yet exist. A world they can’t possibly imagine.

I suspect that may be the human situation today. 

In that case, the best education you can give your kids is how to be adaptable. Anything else will be obsolete before it is used.

This is almost the case with everything I was taught as a youngster. It's only going to get more true.

It’s possible that the next few years will bring changes we can’t even imagine. If so, how can you be ready? How can you help young people be ready? What you would consider a good education might be worse than useless. It's something to at least consider.


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