Thursday, February 04, 2016

"Laws" are for losers

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Law is what you do when you have poor reasons.

Or, more likely, no reasons at all.

If you believe you need to make a "law" you are admitting you don't have a good reason, so you will have cops shove their guns in people's faces instead.
You are admitting you can't hold your own in a debate.
You can't convince people to go along with you.
Your way isn't better, so you can't afford to let people choose, because they might choose to ignore you. So, like a bad loser, you throw a tantrum and pull a "law" out of your... somewhere smelly, humid and, stifling... and then attack people who don't cooperate.

Of course, you are too cowardly to attack in person, so you hire bullies- cops- to do your attacking for you. It keeps you safe from the consequences of your evil actions.

There are only two kinds of "laws": the unnecessary and the harmful.

Laws against aggression and property violations are unnecessary. You already know these things are wrong. You need no "law" to allow you to defend yourself from them. Does murder or armed robbery have to be illegal for you to know it's wrong? If it does you have an ethical problem. A "law" adds nothing but an excuse to let government punish people. And punishment is NOT justice. Especially when the lie is told claiming "the State" is somehow the innocent victim, and owed fines or the pleasure of caging the offender.

Laws against- or compelling- anything else are harmful. These "laws" are counterfeit. They whittle away at the foundations of civilization.

"Laws" are for losers.