Sunday, December 13, 2015

"You would feel differently if you lost a loved one to a drunk driver..."

I've been overwhelmed with "feelings" since my daughter's death.

Sadness is one of those. But, unlike some people, anger hasn't been.

The closest I get to anger is something I would characterize as grim determination. I hope it doesn't come across as anger.

The State didn't kill my daughter- I've never claimed it did- but it damaged her liberty "for her own good" and still didn't protect her. But, what if it had protected her? Is it OK to trade quality of life for quantity? Not to me.

MADD wants stricter laws and nastier enforcement- and they've been getting their "legal" way for decades. It didn't work. It will never work as long as there is the tiniest vestige of liberty and property rights and privacy left. They will lie about that, and say they aren't anti-liberty.

What would it have taken for "laws" and enforcement to have saved Cheyenne? The War on Politically Incorrect Drugs would have to be much more draconian. Every person would need to be tracked and drug tested constantly. Cars would need to be rigged to not start if the driver was impaired in any way. Want to drive to work during allergy season? Tough luck. You'd need orders of magnitude more cops, watching every driver all the time. You'd need something beyond seat belts and air bags- not invented and installed voluntarily, but imposed by "law". Think how much higher taxes would need to be if government did these things, as opposed to the market providing some of the actual protection rather than the State stealing ever more control. I can't support that!

All my life as a pro-liberty writer, people have lectured me that I would feel differently if I had ever had a loved one killed by a drunk/drugged driver. Well, they are partly right. I feel sadder about life, but I still don't want to trade liberty for a false "safety". Nor do I support those who live to strip away liberty in the name of the "common good". They are still anti-liberty vermin.