Monday, February 21, 2022

Idea: Photograph a 20 (50, or 100) dollar bill, give it a unique serial number prefix, do this multiple times and then sell each version for face value (if you can) as an NFT. Currency rules (not law) might encourage the FedRes vermin to harm you for doing so, unless you can do it within their guidelines. So, be careful. (This would honor Dead Presidents Day, right?)

"Let them eat cake."

I'm completely in favor of killing the bad guy who is after you.
I'm not in favor of premeditated conspiracy to commit murder-- "capital punishment". Not against anyone for any reason ever.

It makes no difference whether it's the BATFEces thug at your door, the freelance rapist, or even Hillary Clinton. 

So, no, I wouldn't support large-scale beheadings after/during a revolution to free ourselves of rulers and their thugs. The revolutionaries who do this are just as bad, in my opinion, as the political criminals they are killing. It's just revenge. 

There are better, ethical, ways of dealing with people like that. Smart people can think of some of them.

Happy Dead Presidents Day. (That's my favorite kind of president!)


Fun-raiser competition: GFM vs. GiveSendGo... Both still live; tied at $0.


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