Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I will not enable the anti-gunners

(My Clovis News Journal column for December 11, 2015)

Interesting times, indeed. The New York Times recently went on record — on its front page — calling for a civil war.

The president, many politicians, and celebrities are jumping on the civil war bandwagon, too.

They would deny doing so, but they would be lying. If they honestly believe they aren’t asking for a civil war they demonstrate staggering ignorance and cluelessness.

Come to think of it, that might be the case.

Because, admit it or not, that's the result of demanding more anti-gun "laws". Especially when they demand outright bans and confiscations. Unless they are under the impression that gun owners will gladly hand over all the newly banned tools. If they believe that's how it would go, they don't know history very well- certainly not as well as gun owners do. If they offer gift cards or money in trade, people will turn over what they always do: the broken relics; holding on to those they can still use effectively.

So, they want a war, but are they willing to fight it themselves? To bleed, kill, and die? Or do they expect others to die on the altar of their cause? You know the answer.

When gun owners fail to line up to turn their property over to the State, what next? Enforcement, of course. How do these war-lovers believe the new anti-gun "laws" would be enforced? The same way all the current illegal, unethical, and unconstitutional anti-gun "laws" are enforced: by government employees armed with guns. "Gun control" advocates aren't really anti-gun, they are against your guns. And mine.

They are also not against violence, despite all their hysterical pleas, since all their proposed "laws" would be enforced (and financed) violently.

Anti-gun advocates are liars, trying to foment a civil war in the name of safety and reasonableness. It would result in the opposite of safety, and is the furthest thing from reasonable.

Yes, let's start a war in our neighborhoods "for the children". A war which, if my side lost, would leave families defenseless against the bad guys who will never give up their weapons. A war which wouldn't result in "safer streets", but in bad guys facing no serious opposition.

A country which becomes one big "no guns" zone would follow in the footsteps of the "no guns" zones we already suffer: slaughter houses made ready for people intent on killing. That's no future I want to enable. What about you?


Stand up for what's right

I am libertarian. That means I advocate human liberty.

I am a Voluntaryist; I believe all human interactions should be voluntary.

I am an abolitionist- I oppose slavery in all its forms.

I am an anarchist because I don't believe in anyone governing others for any reason.

If you pay attention you might notice that these are all ways of saying the same thing.

This isn't "conservative", "liberal", "right", "left", or any other of the pigeonholes people will try to stuff you into. It's much more important than that. It is the difference between right and wrong.

Liberty is the freedom to do what you have a right to do. You have the right to do absolutely anything which doesn't violate the equal and identical rights of anyone else. Laws can't change what you have a right to do.

Laws and governments impose people on you who you wouldn't seek out voluntarily. They violate your right of association by forcing you to deal with people who add nothing of value to your life, but who instead devalue your life.

If you come to me on an equal footing, without seeking to violate my life, liberty, or property, then you are not approaching me as government. If you come at me and intend to violate me in some way, you may call yourself government or you may be called a criminal, but your actions are the same. You can either respect liberty and voluntary interactions, reject governing others and oppose slavery, or you can be the problem.

You can't be government or support "laws" without being a bad guy. A bully. Yes, it's still the popular way; the common way; the vulgar way. And it is wrong.

But you can choose. Make the right choice, not the popular one. Don't choose to be the bad guy.

Be libertarian, Voluntaryist, abolitionist, and an anarchist. Stand up for what's right.