Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Burn 'em both

No, really, it's Florida's outline with cartoon mouse ears. I swear!

Some topics cause me to want to see all those involved burn. Disney vs the Florida government is one such topic. 

I used to love Disney entertainment, but as their w0keness increased, my interest declined. 

I've never had any love for any government.

So I can't side with either one, but side against them both. I want them both to lose in a painful way.

There should be no such thing as government-employed "teachers". If there is anyway, those "teachers" shouldn't be discussing their sexuality-- or sexuality in general-- with the kids, especially not with little kids (pre-pubescent children). Anyone who feels different about this is someone I wouldn't want anywhere near my kids or anyone else's kids. That's creepy.

There's no such thing as legitimate legislation, even legislation that is supposed to do things I agree with, such as preventing government employees from discussing sexuality with little kids.

When someone lies about something, such as dishonestly portraying such legislation as "Don't Say Gay", for example, they automatically put themselves on the other side from me. Those who are on the ethical side don't have to lie.

Corporations equal government equals corporations. Rights are individual, not collective, so neither corporations nor governments have any rights. 

I don't want any corporation to "pay" any taxes, not because I love the corporation, but because I don't want government to be funded. So I would rather Disney not be taxed by government-- they should keep their own money to fund their own expenses. 

I also don't want government to have the power to give or deny permission to corporations' business decisions, nor to shield corporations from paying restitution when they harm someone's life, liberty, or property.

This fight is just between nasty collectives that want to violate you in some way. I hope there's some way for both of them to lose.


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