Monday, August 21, 2023

Our lying minds

Our brains, and more specifically our minds, are always lying to us. 

Our eyes are parts of our brains that stick out of the front of our heads, exposed to the light, giving input to our minds. Our eyes deceive us pretty often, so the input going from them into our minds isn't always trustworthy.

Our ears are tunnels through our skull to our brain; funneling air vibrations right into our brain for our mind to interpret and use. But how often have your ears played tricks on you? Or, is your mind only making you believe your ears are at fault?

Then our brains, probably through a process of spontaneous order, give rise to our minds which create our perceived reality. With all the possible issues along that pathway, how can we be sure we are on track?

The only way we can catch our minds in a lie is by using our minds. Including the sketchy input from our eyes and ears and our mind's questionable reason and rationality.

This doesn't seem like an optimal situation.

Generally, though, we somehow make it work. We cobble together a picture of reality that's good enough to keep us alive for a while.

I think it's better to respect other people's liberty. And this works really well for me.

Someone else obviously thinks it's better to stomp on others to get what they want, and I'd be lying if I said this never works out for them. They usually end up ahead of people like me.

I believe their mind is lying to them more than mine is lying to me-- in this example, anyway. Even if I'm wrong, my logic and ethics make it impossible for me to live as they do. I can see the consequences that would result if everyone acted like them and I don't see it as a good world to live in. 

Whereas, if everyone lived as I think is better, I don't see any real unsolvable problem arising. At least, that's what my mind tells me. Is this a lie my mind is telling?


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