Monday, November 09, 2020

A new holster review: Craft Holsters 20S for a revolver

Craft Holsters asked to send me another holster to review. I like the one they sent for my 1911 so much that I eagerly agreed.

This time I got a holster for my Smith & Wesson Model 37. I got the same model holster as last time: the 20S leather IWB holster with steel clip, but for my revolver. I had to ask for it to be modified to fit my 3" barrel.

I received the holster on October 28 and have been using it daily since then.

The box arrived in great shape.

Everything was packed neatly.

Here's the holster in its bag. I was so anxious to get it out that it was hard to slow down and take the picture.

I couldn't wait to try it out. I love the look and feel of good leather. Isn't that pretty?

The S&W fits perfectly. Just tight enough that it feels secure. They got the length right for my barrel, too. So they can customize.

I did use the break-in kit that came with the 1911's holster this time. The strap needed to be stretched a bit-- it did reach, but it was really tight. That seemed to work. The snap is still a little hard to snap. I put a small amount of bar soap on it to lubricate it, which helped, but it is a bit of a struggle to get it to snap. It releases easily enough when you want it to, and never has when I didn't want it to, and that's the more important part by far. I'd much prefer a tight snap to a loose one that fails to hold.

I suspect the snap will become easier to snap over time, and as the strap stretches a little more. Really, though, I don't snap and unsnap it very often. I hadn't even thought of the snap recently until I started writing the review and was trying to think of pros and cons. (Update: 11-15-- the snap has loosened up just the right amount now. No more issue at all.)

Once again, the steel clip is great. It's not coming off the pants unless I pull it off. It's smooth enough that I don't expect unusual wear on my waistband like I get from my homemade holsters. Only time will tell, though. 

I just really love this holster. Just like the other one. I tried to think of something I wish they did differently and can't think of a single thing. And I can almost always think of a way to improve something-- even if it isn't realistic. I'm impressed!

After almost 2 weeks of wearing this all day, it works perfectly. And a S&W Model 37 is much more comfortable than a full-size 1911. I can bend and sit without crushing my "junk". I hate to say it but I probably just changed my EDC.

Thank you again, Craft Holsters!

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