Saturday, July 04, 2020

Coronavirus may have hit home (with updates)

My dad, who is 79, has come down with a fever of 101, feels bad, and has lost his sense of taste. His heart doctor has recommended he head to an emergency room to be checked.

My parents self-quarantined really strictly during the first part of the panic, but-- like everyone else-- they "got over it". I tried to continue to keep my distance from them, but they just stopped going along several weeks ago.

Their church just started having in-house services again a couple of weeks ago, and then yesterday it was reported that the preacher's wife tested positive for Covid-19. So they were going back to online services again, but it may have been too late.

I don't try to control anyone else. I will give my advice and suggestions, but I don't force my ideas on anyone (sometimes this is really hard).

As I've said from the beginning, I'm not panicked over the virus, but I take it seriously. (And, I'm opposed to mandates.)

It may not be coronavirus. With his age and condition, it's a risk no matter what it turns out to be.

Update: I wasn't told the whole story. It may be his heart rather than any virus. (Update 1.1: It wasn't his heart. That seems fine.)

Update 2: 7-9-2020-- As I said in the comments, he did test positive for "The Corona". He's not doing too bad. At least his lungs seem OK; his oxygen level is good. He still has a fever which stays at around 100. And he's napping a lot more than normal and has little energy when he's awake. He did come to the door (we were separated by the length of the garage) yesterday and we talked for a few minutes.
Today his fever went away for a while (without medicine) but came back later.
My mom is still feeling healthy, as is everyone else in the family. Everyone was thoroughly exposed last Friday when my sister and her husband come to town to visit and we all spent the whole day at my parents' house. I'm still feeling fine, too.
We shall see how this plays out.

Update 3: 7-10-2020-- As of today, my mother has symptoms, as does my brother-in-law. That's 2 out of the 8 who were exposed to my dad. I'm expecting this means my sister will probably be getting it, too-- if not from my dad, then from her husband.

Update 4: 7-12-2020-- My dad seems to be doing better. He has more energy and his fever has gone down. My mom still feels the same-- drained after even a little activity. She hasn't been as affected as my dad was, though. My brother-in-law is similar to my mom. Everyone else still seems healthy.

Update 5: 7-13-2020-- My dad is definitely on the mend. Just in time. My mom is worse and is staying in bed. I delivered an oximeter to them at the end of last week, so they are watching their oxygen levels. My dad's is improving; my mom's has stayed good. No news on the b-i-l.

Update 6: 7-17-2020-- My brother-in-law got a Covid test and it came back negative. He got coincidentally sick with something else-- or it was a false negative. My dad's fever has gone away and he's feeling good. My mom is still down, but feeling better. I'm still healthy.

Update 7: 7-20-2020-- Both of my parents have now recovered from Covid-19 and are feeling good. No one else in the family has developed any symptoms.

Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.

"Mandatory" masks and independence

I'm agnostic on face masks-- medical science (real medical science) is unclear on whether they are a net benefit. It's not political for me.

 I'm against "mandatory". Every time. This is how some bad guy makes it political.

I'm told this stance makes me an awful person. I should just do what I'm told. "What's the big deal?" I'm asked. And if I don't do as I'm told, it's OK to fine me. Or kill me if I resist. "It's not violence..." to threaten people with government. Then I was pigeonholed with "some white people", and when I said this was a racist comment, the person suffered cognitive dissonance and babbled a bit.

Happy "Independence Day", in your mandated masks and under your fireworks ban, surrounded by anti-gun government-supremacists who claim they don't understand why you don't simply comply with their plans for you. They hate independence with a passion and most of the population agrees with them.

Added: I went to PlastiCrap World today and while there saw a young couple wearing Guy Fawkes masks. I told them I had thought about wearing mine during the mask mandate. I probably would if it weren't for the fact that glasses don't work with it and I kind of need to be able to see.


Writing to promote liberty is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support.