Thursday, December 17, 2020

War is never optimal

I don't want war. I don't think any sane person does, even when they accept it might be inevitable.

I'm not talking about invading a country on the other side of the planet to "bring them democracy" or some other dumb thing like that. I'm talking about being backed into a corner and fighting for your life, liberty, and property against those who want to extinguish it all. Which, probably means defending yourself from the government that pretends to own you, since that's almost always going to be the primary threat.

Accepting this harsh reality is not the same as wanting war. It means accepting your responsibility.

But those lecturing about how this stance means we don't understand the horrors of war, and that anyone admitting they might have to fight tyranny is a loser, might just be the ones who end up helping load the cattle cars. 

One even told me that lines in the sand are for "politicians and larpers". Then he devolved into babbling angry nonsense demanding to know everything I'm doing. Fed, is that you?

Whenever you make a principled stand, you're going to alienate a lot of people who want to go along to get along. And that's OK. They were never on your side to begin with.

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